Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Gogyohka 11.4.09

The flame attracts
not for the brightness
or its warmth
It reminds me
of my own

in the market's bustle
"Oh, look--
just look over here
Cameo apples."
"Making a cameo appearance..."

From the broadcast booth
comes Joe Buck--
"4-1 Yankees"
and Tim McCarver--
"4-1 Matsui"


jmichael said...

alone in the batters box Godzilla stood
aching bones and a count not so good
crafty old Pedro low on steam
no longer with the lighting in the four seam
aged warriors fighting as only they could
the MVP in the blink of an eye stood
the hero from the rising sun
and twenty seventh for the Yankees finally won


Tim said...

"the hero from the rising sun"--I like that!

You should join our GOgyohka site, Then you can write five lines and show your prowess to the world!!

jmichael said...

a dad
who unlike his son
has trouble
in five lines
to be done