Sunday, November 15, 2009

Gogyohka 11.15.09

Ok, so I lied: I'm going to keep posting /everything/ here. This'll be my little gogyohka repository. But I'll also pluck a few out to put on the Junction. Plus you can read poems by many others there, so I hope you all will feel welcome to check it out. Enjoy all things!

All these leaves
and people walking on them
driven to go up or down
frontward or backward
Mysterious--still motion

If I want
to listen
I better learn
to whisper

chitter chatter
two middle aged lady butts in spandex
parked in front
so whizzing bikers go past me
and win my secret race

Fate's arms
can choke me
for all I care
Just don't let me die
in August

Today I'll wear
a lavender shirt
form fit to hug my handles
and face head on
all those who see me

We want
to solve
but no can tell me
where the birds went

tomorrow comes
different from today
but you can stare at the wall
all day
and not see a new picture

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