Monday, November 30, 2009

Gogyohka 11.30.09

If concrete giants
are skyscrapers
then is the sky
Needles inject clouds

A book improves
from staying open
for all to read
I look on the horizon
and see the titles of a thousand waiting hearts

The Mexicans just laughed
when he told them
he was American
"No, no, no--
We're Americans."

the future
never quite exists
there is only
what you're willing
to keep doing

The address
but I am always
writing this letter
to you

seventeeen pigeons settle
on the gray roof
of a Gulf station
November blue background
barreling past on a bus on 95

In a Connecticut harbor
the boats
are pressure wrapped
in white reflective plastic
"Turkeys," says Olivia

To stop war
we'll need to sew
far fewer flags
and many more quilts
I don't know if we will

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