Thursday, November 19, 2009

Gogyohka 11.18.09/11.19.09

we'll start with yesterday:

checked under the band-aid
after three days
finger gash already healed
Resolved never to fear
getting wounded in love

"White boy!"
"Hey, white boy!"
turning my head
"You look good today."
don't half believe it's me

Metro North Train going to Mahopac

Through the seats
a man recreases his Wall Street Journal
Raging red bullfrog flap
folding over the white collar
Another asleep in his glasses

Metro North Train coming back from Mahopac

head propped
against the window
under burning lights
Just me and some Mexicans
sneaking Coronas in the back

and now today:

there's a reason
they call them
a movement
gotta keep keep
keep on movin

it can be better
to be tired
less scared
just don't want
to be tired /of/

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