Friday, October 30, 2009

Gogyohka 10.30.09

I pretend
it doesn't matter
but I worry
about money
every day

The most profound person
doesn't ask
What is the meaning of life
but creates their meanings
and lives with them

"I got some change the other day
Six dollars sixty six cents."
The prophet on the subway
isn't moving to the next car
Her legs shift weight

Come on down to where I live
big brother, big sister
Talking about bright days
and brighter dawns
Just come on down

when you sit down
for the game
first ask
do I want to play
or do I want to win?

1 comment:

mushroom said...

I really like "i pretend it doesn't matter..." something universal in that. tough not to worry about money in NYC or anywhere. and you know I like your subway poems. they could be a small pamphlet.