Friday, October 23, 2009

Gogyohka 10.23.09

Walking along
begging with my face
of the blackboys passing by
Can you make me feel something
other than fear?

Sour smell in the shower
A block into outside
it hit me--
the bile and Kraft parmesan obscenity
of ripe Gingko berries

Summer sun
same color as the last leaves
Sky lovely blue enough
for a polar bear
to drown in

Not even off the plane
Already know I'm back
"I saw them back in 1957--
58?--no, 57-with Mickey Mantle"
And walking home--"So, Joe,
you ever been to Yankee Stadium?"

***With heartthanks to Matt for the next two

used to think
Japanese were delicate
now I think
they're frozen orange juice

surprise in the mail--
1960 Times review of Gatsby
folded into the envelope
My fingers careful with fifty years
so the yellowed paper won't crack

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