Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Gogyohka 10.13.09

First, a revision:

Years and fate
shape the river's rocks
smooth or sharp
glinting or dull
Grand Canyon's got nothing but time

Cat and human
snuggling under the afghan
should I tell her
he just finished
humping it?

These are after seeing an exhibit at the Met's special exhibit on Robert Frank's /The Americans/.

The challenge:
things as they are
the man holding back his face
at the funeral
Humanity's pink juice

the mexican cowboy
leans over a jukebox
deep down the wooden floor
with the sunlight creeping up
past the blast in the doorwindows

these crosses beside the highway
seen them all my life
never stopped
to find a wash of light
eating their shadows

These are after looking at paintings in the Met after going to the special Robert Frank exhibit:

Picasso, how did you do it?
Every day woke up
cracked the eternity
out of your fingers
and painted mile-highs

struck awe-dumb
in front of wheat fields with cypresses
my fingers draw in close
to frantic caked on layers
of vicious wedding cake clouds

saw O'Keeffe in white marble
gaunt sanded cheeks
hawk's mouth
to pick all the bones
littered on pink flesh mountains

1 comment:

Hanna Maz said...

Ah the met, I went a week or so ago, that's some good art right there right there! The second from the bottom makes me think Van Gogh?