Thursday, October 29, 2009

Gogyohka 10.29.09

Booming from buildings
Booming from their lawns
Booming into the TV
afraid of silence
these babies getting old

300 million
wasting away
with "I do what I want"
the new diapers alone
enough to suffocate the rest

mushrooms wait
for the right conditions
to appear
but mushrooms
are always there

To all the teenagers:
Normal people
are people
you don't know
very well

Run from the sun
All you'll see
stretched out and lengthening
a shadow before you
blindness behind

Couple Revisions, with thanks to Peter the Fungus:

Moon is low
the windows open
Air wet and cold
blowing over my legs
Billie's still there singing

And this one which was, ga-duh, 6 lines the first time around:

Not even off the plane
Already know I'm back
"Saw them in 57--maybe 58?--with Mantle"
"I was a Dodgers fan, a /Brooklyn/ Dodgers fan"
"So, Joe, you ever been to Yankee Stadium?"

Lines are still kinda long at the end there--may need further attention...

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