Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Gogyohka 9.8.09

i was feeling
sort of blue
so i watched
the Price is Right
it didn't help

how can we
move on together
if you don't
remember me?
if you never knew?

I can make my peace with her
as long as I live on unforgotten
what haunts me still
is that she never knew me
to forget or remember

Whitman nourished his soul
with the bread of his mind
and saw his soul in all
so all would be nourished in turn
be with me now

my weakness
my soul
my loneliness
my love
I must decide

The sun of early autumn
sinks lower than ever
and I feel it
rises sooner too!

1 comment:

C0ttonmouth said...

Hey Quentin. Is this whole movie about cheeseburgers? Get at me, friend. I need some achiote. If you live in NYC still, send me some. I'll pay for it.