Saturday, September 26, 2009

Gogyohka 9.26.09

Loneliness in the Digital Age

in fashionable glasses
her crossed legs
perched like chopsticks
A woman reads Jane Eyre
and eats sushi alone

I no longer yearn
for the sheltered warmth
of mothers and hearths
I want to dance in the naked air
and answer the thunder

The sun came
in the window
low and level
to enlighten the smell
of a rotten tomato


Mont said...

moomin2009An American woman reading a book with sushi is wonderful for Japanese like me. I wanna take a picture of her. By the way ,are there many sushi restaurants in New York City ? Do they have the rotary sushi plates system ?

Tim said...

Hi Mont,

Yes, sushi is very popular in New York, especially for lunch. Japanese cuisine is considered very healthy by Americans. But the scene for my poem came from a Japanese restaurant--they have sushi, izikaya, and lots of interesting small dishes. I love it!

Oh, and they have natto. I have to try it, but nobody will try it with me.

I don't know rotary sushi plates system. Please teach me about it.