Monday, January 25, 2010

Gogyohka from God Knows When

Here are two from today, I know that--

after the interview
he shook her hand
it's not enough
so this mother brushes his hair aside
"She's giving you a blessing."

telling myself
don't be afraid
learning something new
a chance to be reborn
and become a child again

Oh, Haiti
I think of Figaro
down the street
and the bright blue children's costumes
on West Indian Day

no one
will ever
be beautiful
for you
so shine shine shine

making constellations
we shoot
our way to each other

my favorite sound
crowded restaurant
burst of laughter
sudden stab of anger
a thousand drums playing out

she told him
if her father were dead
she would want him
to walk her down the aisle
and he cried

a dairy farmer
killed his 51 cows
and himself
he thought their lives
didn't matter to anyone

to Georgia O'Keeffe

gotta paint the flower
six times
before the pistil
stops looking
like a pistil

even in a dark bar
and looking tired
we can see her profile smiling
He leans in to me
"I like that one."

writing these
learning how
to dream again

a woman
piled up
by rubble
holding her hands up
in an Old Navy T-shirt

last day
in Cleveland
watching the ice
from the drainspouts

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