Friday, January 1, 2010

Gogyohka 01.01.10

hope the door
to your horizon
is unlocked
or if it is
you find another one

Let me come into your life
like rain
or an oops puddle
Always there
or imminent

keep finding these
on scrap paper
in my phone
on the computer
Gogyohka graffiti

wanna find the edges
the moment two stop texting
or when the brain chemistry set reacts
to first seeing a future love
and make them continuous


Aidu said...


A Happy New Year from Japan !

Your Gogyohka id very hopeful. I like it. I t is appropriate for the first day of a year. Let's enjoy writing Gogyohka together!
Most Japanese can drink any alcohol from morning to midnight for three days ,January 1,2,3. Yes, I'm drinking beer, Cheers!

Kyoka said...

A Happy New Year,Tim!
I hope Gogyohka will grow up in the future,and I hope to see more.