Monday, December 7, 2009

Guest Gogyohka Poet, Aidu Taro

Hi everyone,

If you follow my blog regularly, you remember I posted a poem by Mont. Well, you can call him Aidu now, and here's another Gogyohka I especially like from his English body of work.

after picking white roses
in our small garden

I set them secretly
in my wife’s pillowcase

an evening of May

[a photo Aidu took of a white rose growing in his garden that didn't make it into his bedroom]

You can visit Aidu's blog by clicking from the list on the left. His is called "The Lovely Earth".


Kyoka said...

It's been a long time.I’m sorry.I'm pushed for time.So I had no time to write English Gogyohka.

Though precipitous hillside
obscured my view,
the blue sky
spread out
I take a step forward

Kyoka said...

PS;How beautiful a white rose in Aidu's garden is !