Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Another Guest Gogyohka Poet

This one is Peter Fiore, author of the first published collection of American Gogyohka Poetry, Text Messages. Peter has been a wonderful companion on the journey of promoting Gogyohka in this country, and since meeting in October his advice and energy has meant a great deal to me.

[Peter and his granddaughter Linda Fiore, who also writes Gogyohka]

in misty rain
I see my children
looking out the window
for me to come home

our first time together
I last 3 minutes, you get pregnant
40 years later
we have 7 grandchildren
and live 3000 miles apart

in the morning
we ate apples and cheese
by the river
my children and me
voices rattling like kites

You can read more poems and thoughts by both Peter and Aidu at Gogyohka Junction.

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Kyoka said...

Oh, their smiles are warm and friendly.And Pater's Gogyohka are humane.