Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Gogyohka overload 8.5.09

Some are wise
and some are otherwise
They hear the owl say, who who
or why why
or the silence in their breath

and maybe
God /is/ love
and we ought to worship
at the shrine
of each other's hearts

and maybe to be afraid
is the most selfish act:
to forget that we love after cruelty
to remember only past pain
present only for inside-out pity

Coming over an Interstate pass
to see wide straight planted rows
astride a white-framed red barn
and two bullet steel silos
ready to be fired into the sky

truth's surprise opens a door
The antlered buck turns toward you
then away
The waving frills of August queen-anne's lace
blast skunky peppered carrot in your nose

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