Thursday, August 20, 2009

Gogyohka 8.20.09

Over 7th Avenue's buildings
the sky flashes lavender ozone--
A sideways strike of lightning
becomes a whip of thunder
Umbrellas already folding up

The canoe hits sand
and the hawk wheels away
In the rocks
we find a garter's bloody head
wounded by the next-t0-last predator

"I am with you"
Whitman's words make us all silkworms
knotted by shimmering secret threads
They sing of a myself
that is the space between stars

"You think they can't get it that way?"
My bike leans on the sign post
"They picked it up clean over one over there"
"Do you think--" "I don't know"
He shrugs and the bald head looks away


positivgal said...

Hi Timmy - These are great - check the last goghyoka - third line... is there and extra "one" in the line? Just a little clunky to me.
Other than that - Great!

Leon Basin said...

That was quite pretty!!