Saturday, April 17, 2010

Gogyohka 4/17/10 (written 4/14/10)

after the computer screen
all day
looking in your eyes
like looking through a telescope
into another universe

Take all the nerve endings
gather them up
and weave them
into a hammock
It will support us forever

Walking up the stairs
of Grand Central
at 5:30
means walking through a cloud
of coffee breath

on three walls
of color
one drawing
of Barack Obama
in Black and White

1 comment:

chico said...

Hey, Tim. You've got another groupie. I've started posting my secret romance Gogyohka. hahaha
As a matter of fact, the heartbreaker is still deeply involved in my life. I'm afraid my feeling toward this sinful guy is mortal and Gogyohka is really the best form to say so in trillions of ways. I will continue to post the deepest emotional ones till he
finds them by accident. Would the day come? maybe...maybe not.
anyway,I appreciate you would tell me what you think.

Gosh, you rock with Goyohka, man!