Thursday, March 25, 2010

Gogyohka 3/20-3/25/10

getting well again
and my skull rises
back to my face
and pushes my eyes
back out to the world

at Union Square

squinting in the sunshine
I see waves of people
crashed out on the square
to sleep or eat or visit
and make the concrete bright

someone tapped
my trunk
this sugaring time
my sap sweetens
another's pail

the early blooms
look just fine
poking out of brown Winter
But I'm a tree
still heaving up my sap

the white mothers
all have gray
in their hair
and shining brown faces
push their strollers

how did I miss
the stubble
on the elm trees?
The shadows are speckled
the earth pokes its eye open

this diary
holds thousands of pairs
of straight legs
supporting countless confused kindnesses
burst out of urgent imaginations

give me
the name
of the feeling
So close
to every stranger passing

a few warm days
makes for early blooms
ho hum
let's go buy gum drops
and see a movie

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