Thursday, February 25, 2010

Gogyohka 2.25.10

a wet thump
of snow
falls on my coat
like someone
tapping on my shoulder

Spring heaves
before it bursts
Buds and blooms
But first--
groaning water up the the trunk

Bury me
with the dust
in my eyelashes
Let the world
find a microscopic museum

biting my fingernail
in the shower
I smell the soup
I made
for dinner last night

not snow
so much as
snow cones
from the sky

I walk
to the back room
and four sparrows
lined up on the window bars
cheep wildly at me

1 comment:

positivgal said...

These are all really great - I especially like the last gogyohka - you are a mama bird coming back to feed your chicks!