Thursday, June 4, 2009

Gogyohka 6/4/09

A burst!

if you want
to go higher
you have
to go deep

My dream
is of sixty
daisy petals
surrounding the sun
dripping with dew.

If you kiss
my lips
hold my face
or my head
might fall off.

What's left to learn
can be measured
by how much more
each talks
than listens.

And two by ripple, the first of which popped up in response to the last one above:

We have
a mouth and
a pair of ears
So listen twice as much
as you talk

I can tell
by the heaviness
of my head
that it would rain
before long

That last one's for Sienna.

1 comment:

Sienna said...

When it rained all day yesterday, it felt like having a giant thought.

I've never had a poem written for me before. Very cool. Thanks for the words--as usual, I like 'em.